The Ultimate Sales Solution

LeanBoard’s virtual whiteboards allow sales teams to visually map out their sales pipelines, making it easier to track deals, identify bottlenecks, and forecast revenue accurately.

Sales Solution

How LeanBoard Benefits Sales

LeanBoard is designed to empower sales teams with a comprehensive suite of features that drive sales efficiency, improve customer engagement, and boost overall revenue.

Visual Sales Pipeline Management

Seamless Integration with CRM Systems

Real-time Collaboration Across Teams

Agile Sales Project Management

Data-Driven Sales Insights

Boosting Sales Performance with LeanBoard

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Streamlining Lead Management

Sales team uses LeanBoard to create a centralized dashboard for tracking all leads and sales activities.

This allows the sales team to monitor the status of each lead at every stage of the sales pipeline, ensuring no opportunities are missed.

Enhancing Collaboration and Strategy

With LeanBoard, sales representatives can collaborate in real-time, sharing updates, strategies, and insights about leads and accounts.

This fosters a team-oriented approach to achieving sales targets and solving challenges together.

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Leveraging Sales Analytics for Growth

LeanBoard’s analytics features provide the sales team with real-time insights into sales performance, lead conversion rates, and team productivity.

This data is used to refine sales strategies, set realistic targets, and identify areas for improvement.

LeanBoard Unites Teams on Multiple Platforms

Amazing Features of LeanBoard

Virtual sticky notes board

Different from Miro, Mural and other similar tools, Leanboard is a structured visual agile board

Visualize Task Planning

Support project management and product management.

Built-in and custom teamplates

Rich collection of templates to visualize business and IT processes.


Quickly Whiteboard Maker

Built-in and custom templates

Agile Templates

Includes Kanban and Retrospective templates for Agile teams to track and organize workflow more easily. Planning to improve the quality and efficiency of the last sprint.

Matrix Templates

Includes popular matrix templates such as Assessment Matrix, Coordinates System, Prioritization Matrix that are most widely used in all fields. Helps you perform analysis and evaluation easily.

Business Templates

Business Canvas Model, Business Plan, Customer Empathy Map, Meeting Board, etc templates help you manage your whole business. Keep track of your team and follow up customers.

Problem Solving Templates

We provide various templates for problem-solving like Fishbone Diagram, Root Cause Analysis, Comparison: Similarity and Difference, etc.

Calendar Templates

Calendar templates are designed to optimize your time and keep track of progress. Give you better control of your schedule, and visualize your goals through each step to better organize your business.

Shape Templates

Shape templates like Circle Layers, Four Sections Bullseye, Three Circles Venn diagrams, etc. Helps you recognize the core of your idea and easily visualize and find the foundation of your business.

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