Whiteboards for Salesforce

Advanced Whiteboards, Lean and Agile tools for team collaboration on Salesforce. Visualize your business model, workflow, plans, ideas, and meetings on virtual whiteboards.


Lean Agile thinking and planning

Infinite whiteboards

Visualize everything infinitely on the whiteboards – Miro alternative.

collaboration on the same page

100% Salesforce native

Integrate and visualize Salesforce objects on your workflow: Accounts, Leads, Opportunities, Customers, etc.

Structured boards

Visualize product requirements, customer journeys, user story maps, retrospectives, sticky notes, docs, images, videos.

Customize template

Wireframes & Diagrams (Coming soon)

Draw UI Wireframes & Diagrams: Flowcharts, System Diagrams, UML, ERD, BPMN, Mind maps, etc.

How does it work?

Business Model Visualization

Dynamic planning to ensure responsive to changing priorities
Create an environment conducive to creativity, ideation, and brainstorm
Seamlessly visualize any Salesforce objects on the board

Workflow Optimization

Mapping out processes visually, identifying bottlenecks, enhancing overall efficiency.
Support all processes or workflows
Communication tool for project management and product management

Built-in and custom templates

Effortlessly create virtual whiteboards in a rich collection of templates
Fully equipped features: drag-and-drop, navigation, component combination
Customizable boards on your own with various elements

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