Revolutionize Product Creation with the LeanBoard App for Jira and Confluence

In the modern word, business is fast-paced and cutting-edge. As a company, it is imperative to stay ahead of the competition by developing brilliant ideas first, and it is equally as important to bring those ideas to life in an efficient and effective manner. The process requires more than hiring the top talent; it demands a reliable tool that can bring a team together from all areas of the world in a successful manner.

The LeanBoard App, developed for Jira Cloud and Confluence Cloud, allows you and your team to accomplish precisely that. In particular, this app contains advanced features that will afford your team the freedom of working creatively, while ensuring that all your business procedures are organized and structured properly. This virtual workspace is ideal for brainstorming ideas, envisioning a product model, visualizing how the model will meet customer demands, and developing an accessible workflow. With the LeanBoard App, your company can look forward to designing, testing, and delivering exactly what customers want. Try it today in either Jira or Confluence for free!

How can LeanBoard help my team?

LeanBoard is an innovative virtual whiteboard that allows you and your team to visualize a product model and its details. You can look forward to a great many flexible features and options that team members can use individually or collaboratively.

Set Up an Organized, Creative Space: Neutral colored meeting spaces, lined stationary and black pens, and plain text powerpoints sound familiar to every business person as the traditional office space. Today’s high-tech world demands a better environment for teams to stimulate creative ideas and create structure from thereon out. Take advantage of LeanBoard, as it contains a large collection of templates, and custom template possibilities, to accommodate business and IT processes, Agile boards, user story maps, customer journeys, planning, modeling, meetings, brainstorming, and more.

Envision your Product Model: Everyone has great ideas, but not everyone has the ability to plan and organize those ideas such that they come to fruition. In the past, it has been challenging to bring a group of individuals together and harness their unique talents and strengths in order to design and develop a stunning business model. With LeanBoard, people are brought together into a space that can be custom-designed to foster and flourish innovation. You can easily set up brainstorming meetings, wherein individuals can utilize various media to present their points, add designs or images, or record text notes.

Manage your Team Efficiently: Excellent innovation, development, and production requires efficient team management. With LeanBoard, you can always keep everyone on the same page with compatibility with any project management and development processes such as Scrum, Kanban, Scrum@Scale, SAFE, Scaled Agile, and LESS amongst many others.

Consider your Target Audience: Every successful product should consider the customer as part of the design and development process. LeanBoard allows you to easily think about your target customer, their persona, their greatest concerns and challenges, and how your envisioned product would appeal to them or solve their problems. You can also easily add anyone to a team; accordingly you could add prospective clients or beta-testers to select groups to chime in with their valuable perspective.

Plan and Adapt Easily: Whether you are working with a small or a large team, facilitating courses of actions can be a challenging endeavor. When your team collaborates through LeanBoard, you will have the advantage of a much smoother and seamless process. You can not only hold meetings within the App, you can access various media that allows for elaboration, recording, or planning; your team will enjoy using text, labels, sticky notes, images, youtube videos, checklists, drawing pads, personas, and connectors. If plans need to be-revaluated, in-text notes and duplicating notes is simple. In addition, you can add, split, or merge white boards to showcase new ideas, changes, or directions.

Organize Small Activities: Objectives can be larger than life, especially when you are using scaled-Agile. If you have LeanBoard on your side, impossible tasks can be broken down into attainable goals or smaller projects in order for people to work effectively upon them. Furthermore, these tasks can be customized according to value or according to designated groups. Flexibility is key, especially when you are working with people from around the globe.

Navigate and Manipulate Effortlessly: If you are constantly exhausted from using software or applications that are too complicated, you will certainly be pleased with LeanBoard. It was designed and created to make navigation and manipulation easy and effortless. Every process is readily accessible; there is no need to spend hours or even minutes searching for the right tool. You can organize and structure every board such that it is preferable to you and your team. Furthermore, adding, editing, and removing various media is a breeze.

Save your Board or Templates: Once you find a systematic way to direct and organize a team, it’s difficult to let a good thing go; nor should you need to! LeanBoard allows you to save your board for reference, and lets you save your template for future use. In this way, you can always take advantage of a design and structure that has proven successful for you and your team. Likewise, if you find certain features useful, you can feel free to use them as many times as possible or merge or duplicate features as necessary.

Receive Professional Support: Whether you require technical support, or have licensing or billing questions, or wish to suggest a new feature, the knowledgeable and experienced DevSamuria Customer Support team is there to help you out! Unlike some applications that leave you alone to figure out the processes and features independently, the professional support team at DevSamuria will always lend a helpful hand.

Where can I try LeanBoard?

You can try LeanBoard for Jira or LeanBoard for Confluence for free! Watch how it can transform and improve collaborative efforts for brainstorming and planning, designing, organizing and structuring objectives and tasks, and overall product development and management.